EveryBlackGirl, Inc was founded as response to the brutal attack of a Black girl by a school resource officer at Spring Valley High in Columbia South Carolina in 2015. The resulting arrest of the student being assaulted and a classmate, who dared to record the incident and speak out, made the incident at Spring Valley High a perfect example of how school pushout was impacting Black Girls. Joining with local organizers on the ground EveryBlackGirl rallied against the arrests and demanded all charges dropped against the youth arrested. EveryBlackGIrl, Inc.’s efforts were recognized by local activists seeking to challenging the Disturbing the School law, which allowed for the students arrests and age requirements for juvenile arrests.


EveryBlackGirl, Inc.creates opportunities for Black Girls to become leaders for justice and thrive while reducing the conditions leading Black Girls to being harmed, arrested, confined and jailed.

Populations Served

Black girls are recruited to be trained as agents of change and leaders in creating a world where all Black girls thrive. Adults involved in the lives of Black girls are developed as allies and co-conspirators to shift the conditions making Black girls vulnerable to trauma, violence, arrest, confinement, and incarceration. Black boys and other students of color are developed as accomplices, benefit from the leadership of Black girls, and the work of EveryBlackGirl, Inc. to reduce the conditions of school pushout and community violence.