EveryBlackGirl, Inc’s work with populations experiencing intersectional oppression, trauma and responding to high stress environments centers the need of integrating self-care into all elements of the work. The three core programs through which EveryBlackGirl engages girls are Weekend Programming, EveryBlackGirl is a Leader, and Expanding the Black Girl’s Worldview

“Black girls create magic, so that makes me magical.”

-Stephanie Lahart

About Our Programs

EveryBlackGirl’s weekend program is grounded in self-care and youth-centered practice. The program provides workshops on healing/arts justice, self-care, political education and advocacy



For many participants EveryBlackGirl, Inc. is the first place they learn about self-care as an aspect of justice work, and serves as their sole source of growing their healing justice skills. Self-care practices used have included deep breathing, dancing, singing, artistic expression, storytelling circles, and drumming.


Youth-Centered Practice

EveryBlackGirl, Inc is focused on ensuring all programs and strategies center the wisdom, leadership and needs of Black girls. Core components of our youth centered strategy include allowing for youth choice, responding to youth feedback, centering youth stories, and creating opportunities for youth to learn new skills and lead.

EveryBlackGirl is a Leader provides a five-phase leadership development program for Black Girls ages 10 – 21 years old. The program provides workshops on healing/arts justice, self-care, political education and advocacy. While the phases support participants to engage in progressive leadership, each phase also allows participants to deepen their leadership without pressure to “complete” the program. This flexibility honors youth as they develop their interests and keeps the organization accountable to ensure the definition of leadership is reflective of girls served:

Phase 1 – participation in Weekend Programs

Phase 2 – developing speaking skills, youth organizing 101, political education on pushout, and co-lead Weekend Programs.

Phase 3– develop community and policy priorities that will foster EBG organizing campaigns.

Phase 4– identifying school-based leadership opportunities (class president, running campaigns on campus, etc.) and supporting youth in engaging in pursuing.

Phase 5 – taking on position in programs and/or governance of EveryBlackGirl, Inc. and pursuing opportunities for public leadership, e.g. city council youth advisory boards, speaking to elected officials, speakers bureau on school pushout, etc.

Girls participating in the Expanding the Black Girl’s Worldview program will engage in travel, cultural exchanges, and global learning experiences designed to encourage and support a deeper understanding of the varying and collective state of black girls throughout the world.


This program includes both national and international travel opportunities. Through service and educational activities, girls will develop a deeper understanding of themselves as well as the world around them. A broader view of the world will help equip girls to be engaged and involved in their local and global communities.